October is the month of spooky good fun. People are still looking forward to celebrating Halloween, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing may be in place, but that just means your customers will get a little more creative with how they decide to enjoy Halloween this year.

So, if you thought you would forego your traditional Halloween marketing plans this year, you should seriously reconsider your options because Halloween is alive and well in 2020.

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1. Halloween Social Media Photo Contests

Your customers will appreciate a chance to win a prize by showing how they celebrate Halloween this year with a photo. Create a contest where your customers can share a picture of a costume, decorations, or activities they will be enjoying this Halloween.

Many people get their pets involved, so why not allow them to show off their furry friends in costume. A most creative jack-o-lantern, most gruesome decoration, or most disgusting Halloween themed desert are also great ideas to get your customers in the Halloween mood.

social media ideas for halloween marketing plans

2. Create Halloween Themed Social Media Posts

There’s nothing quite like a pandemic keeping everyone inside to inspire people to turn to social media to stay in touch with friends and family.

You can get in on the spooky mood by creating Halloween themed posts to attract attention to your products and services. 2nd Love Cosmetics know how to celebrate Halloween with their suitably themed posts, one of which you can check out below:

Add some pigmented shimmer to your metallic Halloween look 🦇

Posted by 2nd Love on Friday, 9 October 2020

3. Halloween Themed Quizzes

Halloween marketing plans that promote engagement on your posts will always do good things to your stats. People love quizzes, and there are plenty of ways you can add seasonally themed quizzes to your feed to get more activity on your profile.

For example, an either-or quiz is quick and straightforward to set up. You can ask whether they prefer lollipops or chocolate bars, jellies, or hard lollies. We’re sure you can think of tons of other ideas, like “If your personality was a Halloween candy, which one would you be?”


4. Opinion Polls

With the COVID-19 virus lurking around every corner, Halloween celebrations will be decidedly different in 2020. An opinion poll might be just the thing for learning more about your followers.

A poll could cover costume plans or trick or treating ideas in an era of social distancing. Members of your audience who traditionally throw a big Halloween bash every year might be feeling restricted because of social distancing.

A poll would give them the perfect opportunity to express their ideas on alternative and safe ways to celebrate.

5. Virtual Events

Just because we can’t gather in a physical location doesn’t mean we can’t get together online. You can still throw an event; it will just have to be online, with everyone connecting via broadband to hear what you have to say or teach.

If you work in the beauty industry, throw a live event teaching people how to create a scary evil dead, or evil witch look.

Teach a class on Jack-O-Lantern carving, inspire people with creative Halloween costume ideas they can make at home, or show them how to create a most disgusting looking Halloween themed dessert that tastes great.

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The critical thing to remember is that Halloween in 2020 is alive and well, and you should still plan on having fun with your Halloween marketing plans. Tap into your creative side, or put your creative spin on the above ideas, and see what you can come up with. If you need help with reaching more people with social media or content marketing, professional help is available at affordable prices. 

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